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This Weeks Question is "Why do you think BS:OHR Starts-up and Dies-down so often?"

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The Results...

JSH wrote:
Um.. I can't think of any way to tie in Fyre-bashing on this one, so I'll just say that Scyree is a lazy bastard.
06/26/2004 09:17:13 PM PDT

Scyree's Sister wrote:
Because Scyree likes licking my clit, up and down up and down up and down side to side _> >_< >_
06/27/2004 02:04:22 AM PDT

FyreWulff wrote:
Because Scyree wants to be like Mike, and imitate me. That's pretty cool.
06/27/2004 04:13:16 AM PDT

Uncommon wrote:
Because it's regular contributors like to disappear from time to time. Solution? More regular contributors. As long as Fyrewulff is doing something stupid (when is he not?), there should be news for BS.
06/27/2004 01:11:35 PM PDT

Surlaw and Pants wrote:
Needs more violent hatred.
06/27/2004 06:46:31 PM PDT

God wrote:
It is simply my will that it should do this, like it's my will that unborn babies should die and go to hell before they have a chance to prove themselves.
07/01/2004 09:29:03 PM PDT

Shadowiii wrote:
07/03/2004 05:01:43 PM PDT

Jazz Man wrote:
BECAUSE I AM A FAILURE!! :( (And, I wasn't so much a regular contributer... as a co-writer... but stay tuned, kids...)
07/13/2004 06:23:27 PM PDT

Dan the Man wrote:
Toxic Waste.
09/09/2004 10:35:16 AM PDT

Revive wrote:
Why do you think so?
06/10/2005 11:43:29 PM PDT

Linkmax wrote:
Cause you pretty much lost interest.
02/27/2006 07:20:16 PM PST

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06/02/2007 02:54:50 PM PDT