Hunter Green Hates Fyrewulff

That's right folks! BS:OHR has uncovored the TRUTH once again! Hunter Green HATES Fyrewulff. Well, at least he seems to hate Sword of Jade 2, which is actually quite unfair. Hunter Green only hates SOJ2 because of the animalsex that it entails in it. Back to the point however. Fyrewulff posted in the OHRRPGCE community section on LiveJournal about misinformation that has been circling about SOJ2. Fyrewulff posted "FyreWulff's Quick Guide to Telling If Something Is True About The Game". Within a few hours of the comment being posted, Hunter Green came up with:

"Hunter green's quick guide to telling if anyone other than Fyrewulff gives a rat's ass about the development and features/gameplay of Sword of Jade: Parallel Dreams."

1. No

Plain and simple. SilentAngel was quoted as saying, "Very blunt, but true". When asked about his guide Hunter replied, "I'm mostly sick of him talking about how great his game is, when he has yet to post even a screenshot backing it up. He's been stalling everyone for years now, and I'm sick of hearing about it in general. The constant bitching and stating of a posting of logs of arguments doesn't help either. I'm all for fighting over the internet, by Fyre is just kind of sad about it. Plus with the importance he places on working on a game, and how often he tells people they should be working on thier games instead of participating in the arguments he starts, I think that his game is pretty tied to his self-respect."

So there you have it folks, right from the Horse's mouth. Nobody cares about SOJ2, and nobody ever will, it is simply a fruitless project done for the self-satisfaction of a self-gratifying Wulff named Mike. Perhaps it's time someone puts this Wulff's Fyre out.