Graphics Ripper Caught Red Handed!

In a shocking post on the Castle Paradox Message board, newcomer Xaero psoted screenshots of a game that contained ripped graphics.

Xareo's Image

Fenir's Image

As you can see, Xaero was caught red-handed by Fenir-Lunaris. Before anyone had proof of this, rumors had been stirring. RedMaverickZero was quoted as saying, "They have a little rip look to them." Once others saw the two pictures side by side, the truth was out. Shadowii was quoted saying, "the roof tiles are obviously stolen"

In his defence, Xaero offered, "if you really want proof i didn't rip them ask Catfish he was at my house when i drew the roof tiles but he is currently on holiday for 2 weeks." Such a weak defence cannot be taken seriously by anyone in the community. Rippers of graphics cannot be allowed to continiue with this engine. Hunter Green put it best when he said, "OMG ART THEFT U R RAPEING MY ARTISTIC SOUL I M REPORT YOU TO DA ADMINS I CAN'T BELIVE PPL R SO HATEFUL AND JEALUS"

Should graphics ripping be allowed? This is one E-zine that doesn't think so.