Jabbercat Interviews Minnek

<Jabbercat> Minnek , can you tell me a bit about what brought you to the OHR?
<Minnek> Sure. It was a while back.
<Minnek> I'd been up at campus with my dad, who was busy with his nose in his electronics.
<Minnek> I was sitting around enjoying the uber-fast connection up there
<Minnek> (we'd still been on 56k at the time)
<Minnek> and I was running through Yahoo for an RPG maker
<Minnek> I'd stumbled across RM95 and RM2K before then, and they were both too large to download
<Minnek> so anyways
<Minnek> I found the OHRRPGCE on the list
<Minnek> and after some browsing of its contents, I realized I'd seen the engine two years before (which now I know was back in the days of 4 maps)
<Minnek> anyway, downloaded it, tried it, and stuck with it.
<Minnek> and here I am now. =p
<Jabbercat> So , can you tell be about your dreams to make rpgs then?
<Minnek> Sure.
<Minnek> Started back when I was seven or so
<Minnek> Place called Starlight Video carried Final Fantasy IV - I'd rent it every time I'd get some pocket money
<Minnek> The story is what made me fall for the game though
<Minnek> I mean, it was like reading a book plus added fun =p
<Minnek> so I'd been playing that for a while, then picked up FF6 and Earthbound, and from that point thought it'd be pretty damn neat if I could end up making my own RPGs.
<Minnek> (around this time I'd programmed a very basic RPG in C++, nothing fancy - no graphics, just text, but it was still a step.)
<Minnek> So yeah.
<Minnek> You can thank the Final Fantasy's for bringing me into the community. =p
<Jabbercat> So , when you say you supposedly wanted to make RPGs , what else did you have in mind? Power , glory, free t-shirts and web space? What is the truth?
<Minnek> RPGs? I just wanted to make something that I could enjoy and others could too.
<Minnek> Whether that meant being part of Squaresoft, or being in my parents' basement until the end of time.
<Minnek> Freelance is how I imagine I'd do it though, if I got the chance.
<Jabbercat> Tell me about your fabled quest for ownership of squaw mark and what really happened when you bumped into Helen in that dungeon.
<Minnek> Well, my aunt was furious with me for bumping into her
<Minnek> screaming at the top of her lungs
<Minnek> which I never figured out
<Minnek> but after several minutes of confusion, I stumbled out of the - wait...what does this have to do with the interview?
<Jabbercat> Ahem , yes well .... Why do you mistreat and trod on newbs and anyone else that does not bow to your will ?
<Minnek> Irk, you didn't catch that I was imitating Sew, did you?!
<Minnek> (that's the biggest and phoniest excuse I've ever made in my life)
<Jabbercat> Then , perchance can you tell me about your long lost son that no one knows about?
<Minnek> Sure
<Minnek> Wait
<Minnek> if nobody knows
<Minnek> how do YOU know about him?! ;_;
<Jabbercat> Because I have eyes and ears everywhere!
<Minnek> I should sell you to science and make lots of money.
<Jabbercat> Well actually I have Inferior_Minion which is even better , but anyway , Who is the father?
<Minnek> Sew. <.< >.>
<Jabbercat> Can you give us the whereabouts of your son?
<Minnek> Sorry, that's classified information
<Jabbercat> Can you tell us about your relationship with FyreXXXXXX ( the identity of the person cannot be legally displayed ) and how you broke up?
<Minnek> I'm still in pain from that event
<Minnek> I'd...rather not discuss it.
<Minnek> Perhaps another time.
<Jabbercat> But , you admit it happened! How did he react when he found out about your son?
<Minnek> He was shocked
<Minnek> it's what lead up to the accursed event.
<Jabbercat> What about your problem you had in May, I heard that Choas Nyte had to be called in to settle the ordeal, can you give us any details?
<Minnek> Wait, do you mean the deal with the diaper shortage, or the time I lost my brain under the couch?
<Jabbercat> I think it was your brain.
<Minnek> I can't release any details about that until I find my brain. =S
<Jabbercat> What about when you started a porn shop at the back of your house , how did you resolve that with the Police?
<Minnek> gave 'em each copies of everything for half price
<Jabbercat> And what about when you contested James Paige over the ownership of Bob the hamster , are the stories true or are they more lies from the spin machine ?
<Minnek> you bet your life they are
<Minnek> we were arguing over Vlad
<Minnek> and it was VERY CLEAR that I was the owner
<Minnek> but the court favored him
<Minnek> so...
<Jabbercat> Lies , I know for a fact that I am the owner of Vlad! Not you , not James , but me the Jabbercat! And through Vlad , I shall rule the world!
<Jabbercat> Ahem
<Jabbercat> Popcorn or cheese ?
<Minnek> Cheese, no contest
<Jabbercat> what do you prefer , A locked cell filled with acid (with you in it) , or a pad locked fridge ?
<Minnek> the acid
<Minnek> it feels good against the skin
<Minnek> wait, we're talking citric acid right?
<Jabbercat> Sulphuric actually
<Minnek> oh.
<Minnek> well, uh, I think I'd prefer the fridge.
<Jabbercat> Which do you prefer to hate , Chaos Nyte or Sew?
<Minnek> I have to CHOOSE?
<Minnek> Sew would be the one I prefer to hate, then - at least CN does a good job as an op.
<Jabbercat> And which of these would you vote for Jabbercat as overlord , or Jabbercat as Overking ?
<Minnek> I vote C - Minnek for President
<Jabbercat> Not an option! You default to Jabbercat as overlord. This is Jabbercat reporting on behalf of BlackSheep> OHR. Thanks to Minnek and everyone else (me)!