Crazed Vet, Bobby, Reroutes Entire AT-AT Fleet!

In a remarkable, yet frightening display of programming superiority,'s webmaster, veteran Bobby Blade has used binary to take over an entire fleet of AT-ATs on the planet Hoth for his own personal reasons. Having used the fleet to already take over, Bobby now sets his sights on 3 of the OHR community's groups. BSOHR has uncovered plans Bobby has made to take out 3 high ranking officials of RPGC (Fyrewulff), RMS (Jazz_Man), and CP (Minnek). Evidence pointing to his preperatioon of hostile takovers of the organizations include the fact he is finding replacements for Jazz on various issues and jobs Jazz might have had. When asked if the alleged uprising will occur soon, Bobby questioned, "Alleged?" then chuckled harshly.

Reasons for this overthrowing of the community are as yet, unclear, but sources speculate that perhaps it is a holy War of some form, based on a previous interview with Bobby, where he is quoted to have said, "Jazz, I have a redeemer, kthxbye." Perhaps his ousting of Fyre from was only the baginning, as it is suggested that he used AT-ATs for that uprising, as well. But again, his reasons for that particular coup are unknown. It should be noted that Bobby's overall arrogance seems to have expanded, as he has hired an as yet unnamed musician to follow him around and play "porn grooves and kick ass theme songs." It should also be noted that, as this reporter tried to get answers and motives out of the self proclaimed, "Invincible Bob", Bobby promptly ignored me, causing me to seek answers elsewhere.

Will this evil force go unstopped? Sources close to the acting president of CP, Inferior Minion, could not comment, due to speechlessness caused by utter fear, but when questioned himself, Inferior Minion says that he plans to use his "Uber-ninja skillz" to save the day. When warned of the supposed invincibility bragged about by Bobby, Inferior Minion responded with "But can he touch his nose with his tongue....I think not!!!" As a final warning, IM donned his ninja mask, struck a horrifying ninja pose, and proclaimed this to Bobby and his AT AT hoardes:

"Kiss my pasty white ass!!!"