BS:OHR Staff

The Staff of BS:OHR are the hardworking people that bring you the OHR.RPG.C.E's only truth seeking news website around. If it weren't for these people there would be no BS:OHR in it's current state.

Jazz Man - Jazz Man helped get the inspiration for BS:OHR to get back on it's feet. Jazz usually writes at least one article per issue, as well as designs the episodes of BS:OHR Live!. He works tirelessly every week to get things going for BS:OHR

Gizmog - Gizmog is a new addition to the BS:OHR staff, he is works on articles as well as interviews for the magazine.

Chaos Nyte - Chaos Nyte has submitted articles from time to time, and is included in the staff section because he has been a great help to BS:OHR since it began. CN writes an article for every second issue or so.

Scyree - Scyree is the editor of BS:OHR, and he came up with the idea for BS:OHR a few years ago along with Harlock (a known veteran and heroist). BS:OHR has had many incarnations over the years, switching styles and layouts to find one that best suits the community's needs and wants. He has designed each incarnation of the site, getting help here and there as needed. Therefore, the following people need to be thanked:

Steve, thank you for the awesome Black Sheep graphics, and helping me get this site started, and fine tune each incarnation. Bobby, thanks for the help with any PHP questions I had. Tarot Master, thanks for helping me bugtest. Harlock, thanks for helping me create BS:OHR, without you it couldn't become what it was. Inferrior Minion, without your awesome webspace at BSOHR would still be on some freeweb server, so thanks for keeping BS pop-up free and ad-free. Lastly, to The current staff, without you this couldn't happen every week, month, or whenever we update.