Special 3 part story!
#ParadoxLounge hub of internet sex scandals!

Gizmog1 Actually Internet Hooker/Porn Website Owner
It's true, folks. Gizmog has recently been seen making lewd comments and remarks toward many people, predominantly men, in the IRC chat room, #ParadoxLounge. Among such things as Gizmog asking for "teh cock" and bragging about "60 FUCKINGS" with 2 men, he also nightly operates his website, www.lemonparty.com. This 15 year old is obviously sex deprived, let alone obviously gay.

SDHawk actually hermaphrodite!
Recent findings have indicated that famed IRC loungelizard, SDHawk, is actually a hermaphrodite, or a "he-she". It has used it's feminine wiles to lure young boys into her nest, then quickly shuns them and belittles them with his harsh manly attitude. It's a vicious game, which has brought many into it's nest. One such victim is minnek. When asked for comment about Hawk's gender, Minnek simply shrugged, then replied "I dunno, but Orchy likes to rub it fast and hard. =P" Others who have fallen for this stunt are Sew, Cubie, Chaosnyte, Me, Hunter Green, and many more. No conclusive evidence on Hawk, but more on this orchy rubbing story next time.

Inferior Minion newfound Camwhore! New wave at CP!
Imagine. You turn on your computer, and quickly buzz to an affilliate of CastleParadox, http://webcam.castleparadox.com, to see a pale Jesus/Inigo Montoya clone dancing madly in front of his webcam. At first you want to shut it off, repulsed by the sheer gayness of it all, but then you find yourself drawn in, hypnotized by the pasty whiteness. Then, he tries to show off and do things such as backflips, blowjobs, and Hot Karls. But you're stuck. You're hooked on watching Inferior Minion and his crazy antics. Then, the bastard charges you $9.95 a week. What, you say, it's free now? True, but with this pattern solidified after years of internet porn rings, the 9.95 payment doesn't seem too far off. BSOHR urges you not to get sucked into this web of madness, lies, and defacation.

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