It seems "legendary" OHRRPGCE community member, Tarot Master (a.k.a T-Master, TM) is not, as he claims, the master of the tarot. These startling claims came to light when TM made joke comments to several of BSOHR's prying questions. Observe.

<BSOHR> Hey, TM...
<BSOHR> ...what do you predict the weather is going to be like tomorrow?
<T-Master> shitty
<BSOHR> Care to clarify?
<T-Master> hailstorm
<BSOHR> Over where?
<T-Master> over me
<T-Master> 5 foot radisu
<BSOHR> Ok. Any thoughts on who will win the US presidential Election?
<T-Master> bush
<BSOHR> Ok, and how about next week's lottery picks?
<T-Master> 4, 44, 23, 50
<T-Master> 34
<T-Master> 22
<BSOHR> What do you think will be the big topic in entertainment news next week?

Let me point this out. He wasn't specific on the weather when questioned, and when pressed for specifics, he responded with a meteorological impossibility. A 5 foot radius Hailstorm centered around a single human being is impossible. Then, he responded to the Presidential Election with nothing but short, dirty words. How can a part of the female anatomy win an election? That, too, is impossible.

When asked about lotto numbers, he again, was wrong. I took the liberty of calling Ms. Cleo earlier, and she gave me a totally different set of numbers. So as you can see, T-Master is obviously lying.

I don't even need to point out the last answer, but it proves that, perhaps instead of being the master of tarot, he is, in fact, the master of smoking the cock? More investigation pending, but having known him for several years, I assume that this second option is the most logical and truest one.

More coverage on Sausage Smoking Master's new title as news develops.