Steve is a Cannibal!

Like all other great investigative magazines of our time, BS:OHR prides itself in hunting down those individuals of the OHR Community that are so against the norm that they are viewed with intense ridicule. This week, our special undercover reporter finds out that Steve, know for his game Monterey Penguin and the once great RPG Online, is actually a heartless cannibal.

Steve, know for his harsh attitudes towards new comers to the #paradoxlounge channel, was recently seen being polite, even charming, towards several new arrivals, all who disappeared within a few days. After newcomer SilentAngel disappeared, and Steve arrived that night complaining of intense heartburn, it was revealed that the vicious Aussie was more then Steve could handle, as this exclusive BS:OHR picture indicates.

After retching up the offending morsel, Steve has vowed to never again consume a newbie whole, instead opting to butcher them before consumption. BS:OHR would like to often warnings to all #paradoxlounge residents, especially Ghant, who an unidentified friend of Steve has said that Steve has commented “looks mighty tasty”.