The Secret Behind CloudX's Sidescroller

CP Message board user CloudX is attempting to make a sidescrolling OHR Game. Instead of scripting it himself, he got the script from James. Instead of making his own maps, he wants someone to do it for him. Instead of drawing his own graphics... you got it... he wants someone to do it for him. Why you ask? Well it seems CloudX's real talent is "modifying" graphics to fufill his own desires.

A lonely boy, CloudX does not really have very many friends, and he especially wants a girlfriend. After many lonely nights and embarassing mornings in which he attempted to explain the stains on his sheets to his mother, CloudX has decided that the time to make a pornographic OHR Game. After watching the television show "Weird Science" CloudX figures his pornographic OHR characters will become real, thus gratifying his carnal urges. One can only hope that the OHR community will react justly, and stop helping CloudX with his sick and twisted cross-reality game of perversion.