Catfish's Storyline Revealed

BS:OHR has acquired a preliminary storyline from Catfish's first official OHR Release. A notorious newbie, Catfish is beginning work on his FIRST EVER OHR GAME! Through inovative spy techniques, the Black Sheep has uncovered that Catfish's game will have a FANTASY storyline. This riské manuver may push Catfish's game to the top of the Top30 list. A FANTASY OHR Game may very well be the first of it's kind. It seems that Catfish's game will involve a central hero on a quest against a formidible singular bad-guy that seems to have every other evil being within shouting distance working for him. The hero will travel an island, fight monsters in a forest, outside and inside a castle and dungeon, and probobly learn some magic along the way. Don't forget the fact that there will never be a random battle within a town, because FANTASY towns don't have thieves, just monarchs that give you quests, imprison you falsely, or are working under the intructions of the afore-mentioned uber boss.

With an innovative and not to mention creative-never-before-seen-insanely-original plot, the first release by Catfish should prove to be an OHR Blockbuster. Sources indicate that Kumkwat Software has approached Catfish with offers to market the game once a small demo is completed; selling the demo for $10 + shipping and handling. No confirmed reports are in as to Catfish's reply.

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