IM's Secret Life Revealed!

AP - Legendary OHR member Inferrior Minion, one of the founding fathers of Castle Paradox has been living a secret life. BS:OHR has uncovered the truth behind his mysterious past and present. as you can see, Inferrior Minion is actually none other than out-of-work singer Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys. This in itself is quite the shocking revelation, but BS:OHR has gone even further. We have found out that IM has been charged with Lewd Conduct, and 3 counts of Mopert (exposing oneself to a blind person) In the following exclusive pictures found nowhere else, IM is seen harassing women, attempting to purchase sexual favours, and displaying a tasteless attitude with little regard for public decency. In an exclusive interview with BS:OHR, Scyree confronted IM with the allegations, and asked why he felt it necesary to commit these disgusting acts, he responded with, "I was raised Greek Orthodox....therefore it's quite obvious" When confronted with a question of the downfall of the BSB he replied, "I was heartbroken...that band was my life!!!!! Now all I have is Castle Paradox and the Tech Support From Hell"