SilentAngel an Impostor?

Silent Angel, the elusive midnight vixen of the #ParadoxLounge chatroom is actually a 57 year old prison inmate chatting through the Prison's library computer system. It seems SA has been telling everyone that he is a girl. When asked to produce a picture to prove what s/he looked like, SA acted shy and would not send anyone a picture. The only person to see a picture of SA was Inferrior Minion. As SilentAngel "lives in Australia" there was nobody around to prove that the pictures s/he sent to IM were in fact real pictures.

BS:OHR has learned that SA and IM are now actually Dating. Sources cannot confirm or deny reports that Inferrior Minion knew the truth before they began dating or not, but after learning the truth IM has not changed his opinion of SA one bit. Could IM in fact be bisexual or, in the case of SA... tri-sexual?

Samuel R. Pinkins was charged in 1974 on several counts public lewdness and mopery (exposing oneself to the blind). He was sentenced to the maximum sentence because many of his victims were minors. Are wedding bells in the future for IM and SA once SA's sentence is up? Nobody knows for sure , but ChaosNyte was quoted as saying "If SilentAngel were availible I would definately consider a relationship, we are very similar. It's exactly what the public wants. Think Harry Potter hooking up with Hermione Granger from the popular Harry Potter Series, EVERYBODY wants to see it happen and its only a matter of time..."

So there you have it. SA is an impostor but nobody seems to care. Next time you tell her/him a personal secret, think twice.. and hope that prison security isn't watching over his/her shoulder!