Top-10 Ways to Tell...

Uncommon has come up with a list of warning signs. If any of these signs appear, be warned: the end is near! Uncommon brings you...

Top Ten Ways to Tell that the OHR Community is Coming to an End:

10. One of Fyrewulff's websites is a success.
9. Hunter Green releases a game.
8. James Paige dies. Really this time.
7. Fenrir-Lunaris loses his hands in a tragic blender accident. He never draws again.
6. Knoodle comes back, again, but this time as SITE-OP (DUN DUN DUUUNNNN).
5. Fyrewulff stops being a sensitive, hypocritical jerk and actually works on his game. The resulting Sword of Jade goes down in OHR history as a game that revolutionised game design as it is known today.
4. In the most elaborate hoax in OHR history, Lucier turns out to be a 36-year-old man living in his mother's basement in Kentucky. Any pictures, comments, LiveJournal entries, and whatnot which might prove to the contrary are either fake, the product of a deranged imagination, repeatedly stolen from the same obscure weblog, or all of the above.
3. Destiny Calls is finally released. Final Fantasy XXX is mild by comparison.
2. Chaos Nyte and Fyrewulff put all of their animosity behind them, and become great friends. Together, they make Airship 2600, which is everything everyone anticipated, and so much more. The game thrusts the Hamster Republic out into the public, and is heralded as the greatest game of all time. They never disclose who did the graphics, but there's a rumor going around that it's Eggie, whose skill has surpassed everyone IN THE KNOWN WORLD. Meanwhile, Airship 2600 is slated to become the first non-human object to receive a Nobel Peace Prize.
1. All of the peripheral arms of the community which, in truth, make up the real flesh and blood of it, like the mIRC channel and Black Sheep: OHR, are dissolved because everyone starts working on their games.