The Fyre Is Still Burning

Well it seems that the Fyrewulff is at it again, still being a nuisance and deserving of frontpage coverage once again. It seems that Mike can't stop his bitching about his CastleParadox ban. He was banned because nobody wants him there. On a post to the OHR's LiveJournal Community earlier this month Fyre begged for a public outcry against CP Moderator ChaosNyte.

Fyre claims that he was mistreated by CN, and banned for unjust reasons. His post was met with an outcry. Not an outcry to "Free Fyre", but instead to tell Fyre to shut his mouth, stop whining and move on with his life. Gilbert was quoted as saying, "I see that the OHR LJ community is updated and I get excited and then... It's just you, being a whiny bitch about something nobody cares about" and JSH added, "Maybe you don't realize this, but nobody in the community aside from yourself and CN gives a shit about your stupid soap operas!"

So how can YOU help solve the problem? Show Fyre how much you DON'T want him back! Add the graphic to your signature on the CastleParadox forums. Let Fyre and his supporters know that CP is much better than he is.

To add the file to your signature just add the following:

or download the graphic and use it on your own server to save bandwidth. Add it to your website as well!

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